To be eligible for admission to the examination the Administrative head of the college has to certify that the candidate

  • has attended not less than three-fourth (75%) of the total classes for each paper (lectures, practical and field work.)
  • has completed the practical training requirements.
  • has record of her practical experience, duly completed and signed by the administrative head of the college.
  • has met the field experience requirements.


Marks required for passing shall be 50% in aggregate (Internal & External in Written and Practical)

Examination Fee

The students shall be required to Pay the fee and other charges if any to Punjab Nurses Registration Council for Examination conducted by Council through the college.

Scheme of Examination

Preliminary Training Period (PTP) : This is an Internal Examination Conducted by the Institute after 3 months of intensive study. All students must pass the Examination with the minimum of 50% marks in each subject. Progress report will be sent to parents.

Internal Assessment : This is based on the performance of the student in the classroom, practical work in the wards and Internal Examinations. P.N.R.C. Examinations : This examinations of the Punjab Nurses Registration Council are held at the end of First, Second and Third year in the month of September/October each year. Minimum of 50% marks are required to pass the examination in each subject. Examination fees are to be paid by the students as prescribed by Punjab Nurses Registration Council.

Supplementary Examinations : If a student fails in one subject. She is permitted to sit for supplementary examination held in the month of March and the student will be promoted to the next year of study.

Note : (a) If a student fails in two or more papers she shall repeat the whole year. (b) After a Second failure in the same paper (s) the student may continue in the college at the discretion of the college authorities and she/he may appear for the next examination subsequently. (c) Passing in practical Examination is compulsory for promotion to next year and two supplementary exams. each year.

Grading of Examination
Examination shall be graded on aggregate marks taken in 3½ years & 1½ years training programme of GNM & ANM respectively, as follows :
Distinction 80% and above
First Division 70% to 79%
Second Division  60% to 69%
Pass 50% to 59%
Theory Examination
Question papers have a combination of essay, short answer and objective type questions.
All units of a subject and sub-subject are given due weightage in accordance with instructional hours prescribed by Council/Board/University.

Practical Examination

Practical examination is conducted in the respective clinical area. Internal and external examiner will jointly evaluate each candidate for practical examinations.

Scheme Of Evaluation􀀹internship Period (College Exam.)


Grading of Examination
Subject Assessment of Six Month Period College Exmination Total Marks
Educational Methods & Media for Teaching in Practice of Nursing and Research in Nursing 50 50 50
Professional Trends and adjustment, Administration and ward management & Health Economics 50 50 100
Total 100 100 150
Practical Evaluation : college Assessmen      
Medical and surgical Nursing 20    
Paediatric Nursing 20    
Community Health Nursing 20    
Midwifery 20    
Total 100    
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