Vision & Mission


Our vision is to impart high quality education to the nursing students by providing requisite infrastructure complemented by state of art technology and our humble ambition to convert College of nursing into best institutes of region.


We commit ourselves to

Academic Excellence

We set high standards in the performance of our students, faculty and co-academic personnel to achieve optimum integral human development by continuously enriching our academic, co-academic and leadership programs with technology-based instruction, team research and the promotion of athletics, cultural activities.

Advancement of Science and Information Technology

We venture in Science and Information Technology to discover and respond to the new innovations in instruction and competency based curriculum, vocational and technical skills, and above all for the efficiency of our services and administration.

Formation of Socially-Oriented Students and Graduates and Creation of Researchers and Global Linkages

We create linkages by forming civic-conscious learners capable of responding to the challenges of community building and the global demands, through quality, alternative learning system and in partnerships with international institutions.